Mission Statement


The Faulkner Center provides an educational, community-centered approach to the performing arts.  The mission in part is to provide a professional environment for U of A students to receive hands-on experience in administration, production and marketing in the performing arts field.  It is the Faulkner Center’s responsibility to contribute to education and excellence in the community, helping build a new generation of artists and patrons.  Within the framework of the mission, the FPAC will promote collaboration, artistic excellence and creativity in a free exchange of ideas in a community of learners.


Diversity and Inclusion

The Faulkner Performing Arts Center is dedicated to highlighting the unique talents of performers from Arkansas, the United States, and globally and to fostering an environment where diversity and inclusion are welcomed and valued.

For more information about diversity and inclusion news, initiatives, and resources at the University of Arkansas, visit the Office for Diversity and Inclusion website at diversity.uark.edu


Land Acknowledgement Statement:

The Indigenous history of the land the University of Arkansas campus sits on goes back to time immemorial, and across that expanse of time, many successive groups have lived here and created sacred legacies in this area. Fulbright College acknowledges Indigenous peoples were forced to leave their ancestral lands, including the Osage, Caddo and Quapaw Nations with ties to Northwest Arkansas. We further recognize that a portion of the Trail of Tears runs through our campus, and that the Cherokee, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), Chickasaw and Seminole Nations passed through what is now Arkansas during this forced removal. We acknowledge all Indigenous teachers, researchers and all other residents in our community and region today. We proudly offer Indigenous Studies in our college and seek continuity and connection to the past as we look to the future with increased collaboration with Indigenous governments and entities.