Art Exhibit

Hiking the Divide

From Canada to Mexico

an exhibit by Brent Umphlett


Brent Umphlett photo


April 18 - May 16


In 2020, Brent Umphlett started contemplating a wild idea: thru hike the Continental Divide Trail (CDT), a trail that runs between Canada and Mexico sticking close to the Continental Divide. In June 2021, after volunteering for layoffs, selling his house, and putting his belongings in storage, he started his hike at the US/Canada border. The original intent was to hike the entire trail in 2021, but for various reasons he stopped at Winter Park, CO and subsequently went back in 2023 to finish the remainder of the trail. 

In his exhibition “Hiking the Divide From Canada to Mexico” Brent displays some of his favorite images captured while hiking the CDT, along with some narrative about the adventure. You will see a sampling of the varied scenery Brent got to experience along the way and potentially be inspired to chase a wild idea of your own.


Umphlett exhibit poster


Reflections & Realities:

A Collective Expression

An exhibit by The Art Gallery at NWA Mall


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April 18 - May 18